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Product Evolution

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are an integral part of a broad range of process industries worldwide. The continuous high levels of pump efficiency and long service life provide a dependable source for materials separation, gas extraction, and process manufacturing. Liquid ring vacuum systems are expected to operate for decades in harsh 24/7 environments where erosion, corrosion, and chemical attacks are often present. These factors make the design of the vacuum system and selection of construction materials for the components very critical. In harsh operating conditions, design engineers must select the most durable materials in order to maximize system uptime and reduce expensive downtime and excessive maintenance costs.

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Our Product

Across global process industries, liquid ring vacuum pumps serve as indispensable components, offering unwavering operational efficiency and extended longevity to support vital functions like materials separation, gas extraction, and process manufacturing. In the context of challenging 24/7 environments marked by erosion, corrosion, and chemical vulnerabilities, meticulous vacuum system design and strategic construction material choices become pivotal to ensuring sustained performance, minimizing costly downtime, and optimizing maintenance expenditures.

Core Values


Revolutionizing the landscape, the Monarch II Silencer-Separator breaks free from the rust issues of traditional carbon steel and high cost of stainless steel silencers and separators.. Monarch units are alble to separate the gas-water mixtures from vacuum pumps while minimizing discharge noise.

Made in USA

All Monarch Products are proudly made in the USA. By choosing Monarch, you supporting small busienss workers and their families who take pride in their work and craftsmanship.

Best in Class Materials

We only use the best materials for our equipment. We recently upgraaded from Chevron PE 3408  to PE 4710. For a chemical compatibility chart, please CLICK HERE

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